The Ticky Jones continue their way on the scene country

Michelle Lambert, Johanne Aubé and Vicky Vachon formed the trio of female Ticky Jones.

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More than three years after a first eponymous album, the Ticky Jones are back with their sound is country/rock Head no hen.

Composed of ten parts, this second installment has the same buoyant rhythm attached to the group and some of the texts making reflections, without becoming sanctimonious.

Michelle Lambert has written and composed almost all the songs on the album, which also includes the times My uncle Edmond Jean Lapointe and Protest Song-Richard Séguin to the sauce Ticky Jones.

“I’m inspired by many of the american country trying to find out how we can translate it in French. It is a big challenge to get the audience with original compositions. We want people to have fun and experience emotions,” she said.

Michelle is a reference to A guy enlisted, a song about a soldier to leave his family to go on a mission. “My girlfriend works at the military base of Valcartier. I have experienced the problem of these separations”, she says.

We feel, however, return to hope with a song as I walk or the pleasure of doing the party on Twit, and Head not of hen.

The songs that are already known ?

Half of the songs on the album were already released as snippets of radio and video clips, even if Head not chicken will be on sale from the 19th January on digital platforms.

“We tried this concept for that we do not stop for several months to write and record an album. We went there one piece at a time, and we played several of these songs in our first tour. People know when they are going to buy the album and come to see us,” says Michelle Lambert.

His colleagues Johanne Aubé (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Vicky Vachon (violin, vocals), also look forward to reconnecting with the public. A multi-instrumentalist, Michelle Lambert attends keyboards, drums, guitars, banjo and percussion.

Note that the album can also be purchased in disc format at the shows and on the website of Ticky Jones. The site will be updated regularly to announce the dates of the concerts.

Head not the hen will be officially launched on Wednesday, January 24, at 19h at the Bar 4000 in Saint-Georges. Access is free for all.