The tax program volunteer is in full swing

The tax program volunteer, is available until April 10.

The tax program volunteer began Monday in Saint-Georges and will continue until the 10th of April next.

Persons eligible for this program must have a personal income maximum of $ 25 000 and $ 30 000 for couples as well as single-parent families. In addition, these people should not have interest income of more than $ 1000. The organization stresses that the volunteers will not meet the statements of income of estate (for deceased persons), autonomous workers, entrepreneurs as well as people who have experienced a bankruptcy or a divorce. The people who use the service must be in possession of their property tax bill for the owners or the Statement 31 for the tenants.

Last year on the territory of Saint-Georges, close to 800 people with a low income have used the tax program volunteer, put forward by the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec.

Locally, it is the retirees Association of education of Québec (AREQ) of section Beauce-Etchemins who oversees the program since 1988. This year, a team of 17 volunteers will be busy to complete the statements of income. The volunteers involved have received adequate training for the officers responsible for this program on the federal level and provincial funding to complete simple statements of income. These volunteers were selected under a rigorous protocol that contains even a check of criminal history.

Thanks to the collaboration of the FADOQ, the program is offered at the parish hall of St. George (200, 18e Rue, near the municipal library) on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 9am to noon.

For more information, contact Serge Plant at 418 957-9182.