The staff of the intensive care unit of the Hospital of Saint-Georges

The Hospital of Saint-Georges.

In writing this letter is, all that we would like to do is make you the biggest of hugs, squeeze it hard in our arms, thank you 1001 times.

Words are not enough numerous and eloquent to let you know how much you have changed our lives forever, how much your presence with our dad, our spouse, our friend from this room of the intensive care was comforting.

You put aside what is happening in your life several hours in a row for you to take care of all these people who are seriously ill. But only, do you know at what point you are guardian angels on our passages ? Such angels, you know put a balm on our tears, our fears, in our entire lives. To see you arrive, next to us is so comforting ! You enter every room with a smile, day after day, no matter what is going on. You listen to us, you look to us with confidence, such great gods who allow us to suddenly believe that it is as ugly days, which become history of the past. Our loved ones could not obtain what they need without you. You save lives, is this not the greatest gift to offer ?

Your job is not all rest, but still ! Yet, you take the time, every day. You take the time to put your linens and pillows of your patients, you take the time to contact other experts to have a second opinion and this, many times, you take the time to explain to us all of the many signals emitted by the machines that surround us and, oh how can we feel stress, you take the time to translate your medical language, but above all, you take the time to check if we are doing well, as many times as you check to see if our dear dad, our dear spouse, our dear friend is well.

It is teams like yours that make us proud of our hospitals, and it’s teams like yours that give us confidence in the healing, in this are teams like yours that allow us to be cared for in the best conditions.

During our stay of almost a week, we have met extraordinary people. Never the sheaves of flowers and gifts cannot match the immense gratitude we have for you. You allowed us to find our dad, our spouse, our friend that we love so much. You know, the days, the hours, the minutes never pass quickly in the wait and in doubt, but your presence will be greatly comforted. We will keep preciously on your faces, and your kindness in memory : you’re now part of us. You are not only professionals with a large force of great attention and a great deal of control, but you also have a great empathy and a great humanity.

As long as there are people like you, the world will be in good hands.

A thousand times thank you !

Jessy, Dave, Pierrette, family, friends and not least, Terry Rodrigue


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