The season begins in advance for snowmobilers

All snowmobile trails are open in the region.

Photo credit : Courtesy Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches

The snowmobile season has started earlier for the 21 clubs de motoneigistes in Chaudière-Appalaches compared to other years.

They have excellent conditions so that all trails are open depending on the interactive map of the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec available at the time of writing these lines. “We have conditions for the month of January,” says the president of the snowmobile Club of Beauceville, Stéphane Daigle.

This club, located on the rank of the Plée, is located near the intersection of trails-Trans-Québec 55 and 75. These connect the United States to other regions of the province, such as Estrie and Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Advice from Stéphane Daigle is shared by the snowmobile Club, Beauce-Sud. “The condition of the trails is excellent. We made an exception yesterday [26 December] to face all of our trails during the day instead of at night as usual,” says the president of the club, Ghislain Bolduc, whose territory includes over 200 miles of trails stretching from Saint-Benoît to Saint-Cyprien, east-west, and Notre-Dame-des-Pins in Saint-Côme, from north to south.

Both claim to have observed several snowmobilers since the opening of the trails. “We have a good traffic for a start to the season,” said Mr. Bolduc. “However, I have not seen many american tourists, until now. The situation is expected to change over the next few weeks,” said Mr. Daigle.

On this subject, Ghislain Bolduc specifies that the sale of access rights dated as of December 15, is located at the same level as at the same date last year.

In Beauceville, the racing friendly will begin on January 4. They will take place every Thursday evening at the club. In addition, a race for vintage snowmobiles the 13 January and other activities are planned.

Finally, the president of the Club de motoneige Beauce-Sud clarifies that during the open days on the snowmobile trails of Quebec as a whole on January 20 and 21, the vehicles must be registered and insured. “I would like to thank the landowners who grant us the rights of passage, often for free, which allows us to have a tourist industry flourishing in the region,” concluded Mr. Bolduc.

Safety before all said the SQ

“Each year, the snowmobile may be left in unsafe situations or be seriously injured while practicing this activity,” says the Sûreté du Québec.

The police service encourages snowmobilers to avoid bodies of water because of the unpredictability of the state of the ice in some places. “This may represent a significant risk for those venturing off-trail,” says the SQ by way of a press release.

The Sûreté du Québec advises avoiding to travel alone and to always indicate the planned route to a close, to move cautiously, particularly at the intersection of a public road, and keep to the right all the time. Also, it states to follow the signs and, although the speed limit is 70 km/h on the trails, to adapt according to the conditions thereof.

It is also important to respect the regulation in force. In addition to the speed limit, it is forbidden to circulate on public roads with the exception of the locations indicated by signage. Also, the snowmobilers are subject to the same laws regarding alcohol and drug-driving motorists.