The SADC contribute to curb the exodus of young people

Les SADC contribuent à freiner l’exode des jeunes

François-Xavier Gagnon of Lagagnonnière, manufacture of components of cabinets and furniture to order, Trois-Pistoles.

The eight Companies’aide au développement des collectivités (SADC) du Bas-Saint-Laurent provide a positive assessment of the actions carried out during the past twenty years in order to curb the exodus of young people in the region.

Since 1997, the SADC-bas-laurentian have invested 17 417 647 $ for 1 263 young people to receive financial assistance in order to create their own business, make an acquisition or take over an existing business, and this, without counting the numerous expansion projects which they have participated.

These contributions have been granted in the framework of the programme Youth Strategy, which is celebrating its twenty years of existence. This program allows young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 39 years to receive a non-repayable contribution of $ 5,000 to $ 25,000 (in the form of a personal loan regarded as a personal investment) in addition to the possibility of obtaining a leave of absence in the capital (as the case may be) and interest for a period up to a maximum of 24 months. Two young people involved in the same business, can rely on a amount of up to a total of $ 50,000, which is a good boost to the implementation of any entrepreneurial project.

The SADC des Basques has helped 162 young people for a total of 2 114 715 $ in loans. In Kamouraska, we speak of 220 young people, for 2 920 871 $ in loans. The SADC de la MRC de Rivière-du-Loup has as to she supported 181 young people for a total of 2 287 313 $ in loans. Finally, KRTB, the SADC de Témiscouata has supported 165 young people with loans 2 330 406 $.

Not only the financial contributions represent a significant contribution to the development of these projects, but the technical assistance to ensure success is also a major asset. It is not uncommon to see these young entrepreneurs return to their SADC for additional help in projects for expansion or modernization. Advisors(eras) Youth to accompany the promoters in the form of assistance at the level of the mount, or again, monitoring or financial advice relating to the various aspects of management.

“Business succession is undoubtedly one of the main keys to support the maintenance of our young people in our regions and to boost regional economic activity. Ensure that this succession is a collective responsibility and we must raise our hat today to the CFS, the Bas-Saint-Laurent, which implement the Youth Strategy. I thank them and I encourage them to continue their work in order to support young entrepreneurs with us,” said Rémi Massé, deputy of Avignon-La Mitis-Matane-Matapédia. Recall that the program Youth Strategy is born out of a collaboration between the Network of CFDCS/bdcs and Canada economic Development (CED) for the regions of Quebec.

The president of the SADC of Témiscouata and vice-chairman of the board of directors of the réseau des SADC and CAE, Vallier Daigle, does not hide his pride: “We are assured that the Youth Strategy be put in place by SADC and the federal government has contributed to the retention of young people on the territory of the lower laurentian. For those who have made the choice to stay or those who came to settle, the means that we have offered have allowed us to develop innovative projects that showcase their creativity, while assuring their quality of life in the region where they have chosen to live. Without claiming to have solved all the problems related to the migration of youth to larger centres, we can say, proudly, that our contribution has been important.”