The Rock Cafe sold

Anthony Blais, Sébastien Paré, Martin Giguère, and Hans Mercier, are the new owners of the restaurant, the Rock Cafe.

Photo credit : Facebook

The restaurant Rock Café was sold to the owner of the restaurant, the Capri, Saint-Joseph, Martin Giguère, and the lawyer, Hans Mercier, at the end of the week.

The two men are also associated with the head chef, Sébastien Paré, and the manager, Anthony Blais, both of which are minority shareholders. They were already in the employ of the Rock Café.

“We were pleasantly surprised when we found out that Jean-Denis [Parent] and Maryse [Lambert] were interested to sell and we seized the opportunity. The Rock Café is a place unique and distinctive. It was an easy decision to make,” said Mr. Mercier.

No major changes will be made to the institution. “We can’t change a winning recipe. Eventually, maybe there will be some improvements to make, but it serves no purpose to fix something that is not broken”, adds the one that will retain its two businesses in addition to leading the political party Parti 51.

For employees, the new owner is reassuring. “While the world remains in place. We have a team of competent and passionate,” says the one who will be responsible for the financial side of the business, while Mr. Giguère, seconded by MESSRS. Blais and Paré, will take care of the management of the restaurant.

The sale of the plant was announced last week to employees before being formalized on march 10, on Facebook. The reactions of the people were not long after the publication of Mr. Giguère. As of Monday, nearly 500 have responded to the publication, and dozens of comments were congratulating the new owners.

Note that the Rock Café was renovated last year to a total amount of approximately $ 500,000. The three facade of the restaurant have been redone. In addition, an enlargement of the second floor had allowed for the addition of sixty seats.