The new version of the sculpture Festival seems to please

The sculpture “Movement perpetual” was awarded the first prize of the jury.

Photo credit : The Scout-Progress – Simon Busque

The new formula of the Festival of sculpture Saint-Georges seems to have been very much appreciated.

Indeed, no fewer than 36 teams on a maximum of 40 registered for the event held last Friday and Saturday at the ice ring in the Centre sportif Lacroix-Dutil.

As a novelty this year, the participants could benefit from advice of guidebooks to help. The guides have also held workshops in addition to achieving large slip located in the heart of the site.

“As the Friday was a pd day, and in addition, there are several people who do not work in the afternoon, we decided to start the event on Friday to finish on Saturday. The participants had their Sunday off”, we explained Line Turgeon and recreation Department of culture of the City of Saint-Georges.

Six awards, including the Prix coup de coeur ” were awarded among the participants. In addition, eight prizes of $ 75 in money were drawn randomly from among all participants who complete their sculpture.

The first prize went to Annie Boivin and Nancy Goulet for the work “Movements perpetual”.

“The acrobats” by Laurent Loignon, Richard Loignon and Rock Paré got the second prize while the third prize was awarded to the bobsleigh Tommy Lemieux-Hardy and Elisabeth Blais.

“The man on the desk,” Anne-Marie Coulombe and Marc, Marie, Rachel, Philippe and Rémi Dallaire was awarded the fourth prize while the fifth went to the “tool box” of Raymond Champion, Gloria Baibneau, Marie-Eve Champion, Francis Champion, Thomas Champion, Gloray Champion and Jonathan Carbonneau.

For what is the Price blow of heart of the public, it went to “Pineapple” of the team of Marie-Pier Desjardins, Lee Paquet, Sébastien, His, Sapphire Bédard, Shania Poulin and Florence Aubry.

The event, sponsored by the festival Committee of Saint-Georges, should be back next year to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

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The prix Coup de coeur du public went to “Pineapple”.