The family Rhoman likes in his new region

The family Rhoman, composed of Mathieu and Fortuna, as well as their children, Jahden and Elya, have arrived in the Beauce region last November.

Photo credit : The Scout-Progress – Sébastien Roy

The companies Boa-Franc and CDID have held a 5 to 7 to celebrate the success of their recruitment mission, which enabled them to hire four new workers to the French in June of 2017.

The feeling of success is also shared by the new employees, including Mathieu Rhoman, who has left Paris to settle in Saint-Georges, in the company of his wife Fortuna and their children, Elya and Jahden.

Mr. Rhoman arrived in the region at the beginning of the month of November. “I have been well received by Boa-Franc to my arrival, and behind, I have colleagues who have told me different things, particularly that the snow was not going to be the same thing I’ve known in France,” he says, laughing. His family then came to join him at the end of the month.

These plants will do well in their new region. “Frankly, this is really a beautiful city Saint-Georges and la Beauce is a beautiful area. We appreciate it every day. I look forward to seeing the spring to see what it will look like. For the moment, we have only seen the winter”, adds the electromechanical.

In addition, they have received the help of BB Immigration and Boa-Franc throughout the process. “At the level of research to the place where we would live, we were really well supported, either by report cold, compared to children. He has nothing to complain about,” said Ms. Rhoman. The company that now employs Mathieu Rhoman was also in charge of the transport from the airport to Quebec city to St-Georges, offering continuous monitoring.

According to them, people are more happy here than in the French capital. “You can talk with them. In Paris, it is more shy, more closed of the other. Here, everyone came to see me and I was able to talk with people,” says the Parisian.

It had been several years that Mathieu and Fortuna Rhoman were considering moving to Quebec. “It is a desire that we had for the past ten years,” said Mr. Rhoman. However, obtaining a work contract of indefinite duration has delayed their project.

At the time, they were considering more the city of Montreal as a destination. “I started to get interested in Saint-Georges when I was interested in Boa-Franc during the Journées Québec in 2017. What was good also is that Boa-Franc has given me a USB key with information on Saint-Georges and a video. It was great, we had a plan in saying to our children that this is where we will go and live,” concludes Mr. Rhoman.