The ex-soloist of “Mirage” — about severe depression

Экс-солистка «Миража» — о тяжелой депрессии


54-year-old singer Margarita Suhankina for the first time admitted that 15 years ago almost crapped myself.

Ex-soloist of the popular in the past of the group “Mirage” Margarita Suhankina rarely talks about his personal life. Only last year she was first told about all the men in the show Lera Kudryavtseva “the Secret to a million.” Then the singer admitted that are unable to bear children, because the year before had an abortion.

And recently, in the “Secular chronicle” the Fifth channel Margarita continued its turbulent history. It turned out that after a miscarriage, the doctors gave the star a diagnosis of “infertility”, and at the same time, she was fired from the Bolshoi theater, where she performed in the Opera. Favorite male is also gone, and Suhankina saw no other choice but to settle scores with life.

“It was such a rebound. It was such a condition. Absolutely terrible. But I remembered that I have parents. They are alive and well. Just the father with heart problems. After I leave it. And something terrible will happen with my parents. And this stopped me” — emotionally said the artist.

Margarita was able to pull myself together, and her life gradually got better. She again began to speak, and after a while decided to adopt two children taken from the orphanage — brother and sister Sergei and Valerie. “All climb to the children, start amplification pusi. They are just kids, like everyone else! I just turned into a wolf, began to snap, be rude and behave quite sharply. Me, please, bow; whatever you want, talk about me. I fear nothing, I passed. Children do not touch. It is not necessary,” said Suhankina.

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