The CEB wants to work with the companies services

The seniors also put a lot of time to recruit employees.

The Conseil économique de Beauce (CEB) is often involved in projects for the recruitment of labour in manufacturing. The organization says that it does not neglect the companies in the services sector.

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“When you’re trying to recruit outside of the Beauce, we talk about everything that there is in the region. If a welder wants to come and settle among us, and that his wife worked at a grocery store, it might help to place it here,” says Hélène Latulippe, director general of the CEB.

She added that businesses in the service sector, such as shops, restaurants and grocery stores are already members of the CEB. They can carry on networking through the various activities of the organization, and seek advice, as needed, with professionals from the CEB.

Hélène Latulippe admits, however, that the provincial government is more inclined to subsidize the projects for the recruitment of staff in specialized positions.

“It is considered as jobs to pay high level. The jobs less workers in services often require little or no qualifications,” said Ms. Latulippe.

In the elderly

These jobs are “less qualified” according to Quebec are also residences for seniors. Beyond jobs as a cook or janitor, the orderlies do not fall in the category of skilled jobs, even if a diploma of vocational studies (DEP) is required to practice this profession.

Responsible for the recruitment for Cogir real Estate in the region of Québec, Lucie Lalancette oversees the hiring of employees for various residences, including the Residence l’oiseau Bleu in Saint-Georges and the Chateau Bellevue in Sainte-Marie.

“You must be very creative and strategic to local recruitment. People will not move to another region unless they hold a position of leadership in our institutions. In the private sector, it is even harder than the public, because we impose more stringent for the hiring. We must act as head hunters, ” she says.