Students of the ecole des deux-Rives to the qualifications of the regional league robotics

Students of the ecole des deux-Rives will participate in the regional qualifiers for the league of Lego robotics First in Quebec.

Photo credit : Courtesy

Students of the ecole des deux-Rives will take part in the regional qualifications of the league’s Lego robotics First February 16 at the school of the Lordship of Quebec.

A total of 52 young people in fifth grade have completed the preliminary work for the qualification. However, only 10 of them will represent the group in front of the judges.

During this competition, students must build a robot and program it to run one or more of the tasks proposed in connection with a theme predetermined. This year, it is a question of hydrodynamics.

In addition, the contest includes an additional pane. Participants must choose a problem in connection with water and offer a solution. The team of Georgian, therefore, has chosen to deal with the effects of deicing salts on the water and offer a truck multifunctional using beet juice to solve the problem.

Representatives of the school of the Two Banks are the only of the Commission scolaire Beauce-Etchemin to take part in the tournament which is for young people aged 9 to 14 years. If they manage to qualify, they will be able to participate in the provincial finals which will be held in Montreal on the 26th of march next.