Several of the regions represented at the 47th Tournament bantam St-Georges

The Lynx High-Beauce had won the honors of the class BB in 2017.

Photo credit : The Scout’s Progress – Andréanne Huot

A total of 36 teams from different regions of Quebec will participate at the 47th provincial Tournament bantam hockey Centre Hi-Fi in Saint-Georges.

At the centre sportif Lacroix-Dutil, training, BB and B will compete from 12 to 14 January. The teams in the class A cross the iron from 19 to 21 January.

In class BB, 14 teams will fight. Our region will be represented by the Garaga de Saint-Georges, the Lynx of Haute-Beauce and the Beavers Pro-Lake. The Lynx and Beavers will be in scene in the first game this Friday at 10am. The final will be presented Sunday at 16: 30.

Eight teams will meet in the class B, of which the Rapids of Beauce-Nord and the Beavers Pro-Lake. These courses will begin the tournament on Friday at 15h and 15h30 in confronting respectively the Patriots, the Chicoutimi and the Panthers LaSalle. The final will take place on Sunday at 15h.

Fourteen formations make up the class A. The Garaga de Saint-Georges, the Lynx of Haute-Beauce and the Beavers Pro-Lac will defend honour of our region. The tournament will begin on Friday, January 19 at 10 a.m. during a meeting between the Lynx and players from Radisson/Quebec-Centre. The final will take place on Sunday the 21st of January at 15h.

The cost of admission per day is $ 5 per adult, $ 3 per student and free for five and under. Wristbands are valid for all parts will also be sold on-site $ 12 (adults) and $ 7 (students).

For all classes, each match will consist of a ten minute period and two periods of 12 minutes timed. The schedules of events are available on the website of the minor hockey Association Saint-Georges.

Ten persons form the organising committee. First row : Lucille Turcotte, Isakim Dostie, Claudia Provencher and Sandy Deblois. Second row : André Larivière, Marc Bernard, Joey Fortin, Julie Rancourt, Yan Carrier and Yves Walsh.