Saint-Théophile, will host the Festival of acceleration

The Festival of acceleration moved to Saint-Théophile.

The organizers of the Festival of the acceleration of Saint-Côme confirmed in December the relocation of the event in Saint-Théophile, revealing at the same time its new name : the Dragfest.

He moved, therefore, about ten minutes away from the old site. It will be located on a private lot located at the intersection of route 173 and route 269. “We started excavation work, paving and electricity in the fall to tidy up the place. We will resume this spring,” said the president of the Dragfest, Michael Houde, stating that “several hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested”.

An agreement has been established with the owner of the land, allowing the holding of the event for at least 10 years and up to 30 years.

Mr. Houde adds that the viewers will find significant differences at the level of the track. “It will be longer and wider. There will be a great place to stop, and the spectators will be located at a distance of more safe vehicles,” he says.

The size of the track was also one of the elements that caused the move. “We were short of place, the site was too small. Also, we had to hurry to pick everything up, because the companies needed the space on Monday”, says the chairman of the event.

The Dragfest of Saint-Théophile will take place from 12 to 15 July. Camping space, however, will be open from 10 July. Michael Houde has also confirmed a few new features, such as the country evening which will take place on 13 July, the free day of 12 July and the exhibition of the trucks. “More will be announced by then,” he concludes.