Practices inspiring to counter the shortage of manpower

Speakers François Lefort, Marc Lessard, Vincent Nadeau and Danny Lefebvre received plaques of Hélène Latulippe and Rémi Fortin, director general and chairman of the CEB.

Photo credit : The Scout’s Progress – Frederic Desjardins

The 16th-Lunch of the president of the Conseil économique de Beauce (CEB) has attracted 415 people, November 24, at the Georgesville.

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The theme was the shortage of labour. Four speakers discussed their personal experiences and share initiatives implemented in their company.


Director of human resources at Estampro and Metal Sartigan, François Lefort has developed a cooperative model, where companies lend resources.

“When I was working at Metal Sartigan, we had a big contract, while Canam Group had workers’ surplus. They came to work for us before being recalled in Canam”, he explains.

Seeing that this idea of helping companies to finalize their contracts and to avoid the unemployment of the employees, Francis Lefort has formalised the project “Coop-HR : Jobs in the year” with Metal Sartigan to his arrival at Estampro in 2015.

“There were questions to ask. We have cycles of high and low season additional ? Can we resist the temptation to retain the good employees who come from elsewhere ?”, said Mr. Lefort.


Director general of human resources at produits Matra, Vincent Nadeau admits that the company has already experienced high turnover of its staff. “It was necessary to give a lot of training, which took time”, he remembers.

In its recruitment process, Products, Matra has posted its core values of enthusiasm, the culture of change, commitment, sense of responsibility and team work.

The long-time workers receive plaques of recognition and participate in a rewards program.

“We can put 80 % of our energy on the 10 % of problematic employees, but we must not forget our good employees,” says Vincent Nadeau.

Welders are especially in demand in the region.


Director-general of Norgate Metal, Danny Lefebvre has chosen the path of foreign workers to fill positions. Twelve workers of Tunisia have been hired between 2014 and 2017.

“We knew of a consultant in Tunisia. I moved to testing and interview,” says Mr. Lefebvre.

In addition to paying for the plane tickets, the employer has ensured that the newcomers have a place of residence, as well as maps of social and health insurance. He made visa applications and to pay various fees.

“It cost $ 80,000 for a dozen workers. The biggest challenge remains the integration and immigration rules often change. It recruits humans and not of merchandise,” said Danny Lefebvre.

Initiatives of the middle

To Marc Lessard, corporate director of human resources at Comact, a solution is to take advantage of the initiatives of the community.

“We tried initiatives alone and in a group. With the collective initiatives, we are creating a better strike force,” said Mr. Lessard.

Comact is present at the job Fair Beauce-Etchemins. The company has participated in “Job Dating” of The Beauce Hiring, as well as using the program “Come to weld the province of Quebec” and the dual training designed by the Commission scolaire de la Beauce-Etchemin (CSBE).

“Using our local resources and regional is profitable. We no longer only face competition from other regions, but the rest of the world,” recalls Marc Lessard.