Peter Flynn and his new adventure on the Earth

Pierre Flynn, offers us a privileged encounter with the Earth.

Photo credit : Courtesy

Peter Flynn acknowledges that it has not the fast writing as the author-composer-interpreter.

His latest opus, On the Earth, has put nine years before finding its way into the ears of her fans in April 2015. His previous albums, solo and Mirador are already of 2006 and 2001.

“I like to go to the bottom of things and take the time to release an album which I will be proud of. Each album brings me to rework my ways of doing things, even if I want to stay as the witness of this that is close to my life and that of my relatives,” he explains.

If one recognizes the voice low and hushed, Stone-Flynn from the first listening of the Earth, the music has a tone of modern pop, leading the listener into a universe of starry, where it is sufficient to close the eyes to travel.

“The title of the album reflects precisely this reflection of our own situation on this small ball oscillating in a vacuum. In the end, we are still all human beings with a look that foreign exchange on things over the course of our life”, thinks the singer.

The show that Peter Flynn will present in the Beauce region will be done in duo with multi-instrumentalist Maxime Audet-Stop. “It is a different formula of the show electric with my band. The directory is different and reworked,” says the one who’s going to interpret also its greatest success.

The representation will take place on Saturday 27 January at 20h at the Entrecours of the Cégep Beauce-Appalaches, Saint-Georges. Tickets are $ 35 at the ticket office of the Lovers of the Stage (11740, 3rd Avenue), by phone at 418 228-2455 or on the site of the Lovers of the Stage.