New tool to link entrepreneurs and the government

The web site of Companies in Quebec is easy to use.

Photo credit : The Scout’s Progress – Frederic Desjardins

The provincial government has created the tool Companies in Quebec in order to simplify the access to its services for entrepreneurs in quebec.

Offered by phone and on the web, Companies in Quebec facilitates the process of clients business with the State on different aspects, such as the business start-up, innovation and export.

This entity has three components, namely, an informational website, web services transacted through the facilities of the “company Box”, as well as a service of general information, where the more complex applications of the entrepreneurs are transferred to the partner departments and agencies of Companies in Quebec.

The informational site offers particular information regarding the rights and obligations of businesses towards the government bodies, as well as tips and practical tools to help entrepreneurs to meet their administrative obligations.

The service “Start a business” simplifies the startup process and reduces the processing time by allowing contractors to perform several necessary steps to launching their business, without having to repeat the information about each of the steps.

The “Area business” gives access to several services related to the management of a business including the online services of participating departments and agencies and those relating to change of address and follow-up of transactions. It also offers services of the Registrar of companies and the registration to the tax files of Revenu Québec at the start of a business.

The web site also includes the Bizpal service to facilitate the search of necessary permits, licenses and certificates required by the government of Québec, the government of Canada and the municipalities in starting or operating a business.

For more information on Companies in Quebec, visit the website of Entreprises Québec or call 1 800 644 0075.