Melusine : the two fairies of the rue Lafontaine

Mélusine : les deux fées de la rue Lafontaine

Rachel Gagnon and Émilie Boucher, owners of Melusine. – Photo: Geneviève Desjardins

After more than a decade of existence, the company louperivoise of creation of jewelry, Melusine, has taken up residence on the rue Lafontaine in Rivière-du-Loup on the 10th February last. A workshop-boutique is now open to all to make the discovery of handmade jewellery as well as many other products of quebec craftsmanship.

In mythology, Melusine is the name of a fairy who, among other things, was a great builder. It is from there that comes the name of the trade now located at 484, rue Lafontaine in Rivière-du-Loup.

13 years ago, Emily Boucher, artist in the soul, has undertaken in the creation of jewelry in order to sell them. “When I was in Montreal, I used to be just for my friends and for me. But coming here, it was really difficult for me to find a job, so I created my business to sell my creations. My goal was to live with it”, explains the artist, montreal native.

Over the years, his business has grown and, in 2015, Rachel Gagnon joined it. “We met once, she came to the house on the edge of a table and 10 minutes after, it was signed and she bought half of the company. We didn’t know at all, but I think it was a stroke of lightning. Rachel is younger than me, so I have the impression of finding myself a lot in her younger,” says Emilie.


“If it works, it is precisely because there is a particular person who decides, it is truly a team effort. We became friends by working together, it happened quite naturally,” explain the two fairies joaillères.

Colleagues and friends have both made studies in the field of art : Rachel has a degree in interior design at the Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup, Emilia has studied visual arts at the Cégep de Matane. “At the base, it has a different artistic process, but it is joined”, they support.

Together, they create four seasonal collections per year, in addition to offering a design service tailor-made to their clients. They are making also private collections for several companies, and special collections for the boutique and The King, not to mention their jewellery that are available in other outlets in the region and to Quebec. In addition to the workshop-boutique, Melusine also sells her jewelry online, in order to provide the possibility of obtaining it to those who can not move.

The two young entrepreneurs describe their style of gypsy, “gypsy”, “vintage”, both hippie and urban, especially through the concept shop-in-shop located in the city centre. They have to heart to create jewelry to their image, and they are often inspired by people that surround them.


The two women look forward to the future with great enthusiasm and challenging projects that lie ahead.

“Just to have our shop, this is already a dream realized. We can’t ask more than what they got here,” stresses Rachel.

Now, they are planning especially to improve themselves, to bring their creations and, perhaps, one day, that other people join them and help them to grow up. First of all, their goal is to create and have fun doing it

The human side is also a very important aspect for both bijoutières, who ensure to use materials that are made in Québec or by artisans overseas who sell their own creations.

“When someone decides to shop in our trade, it is what allows us to live. It really makes a difference,” says Rachel.

In addition, their extensive local will allow them to offer new creative workshops for a dozen people who want to make bracelets between friends, as well as other events.