Mathieu Cyr is a humorist amazing and accessible

Mathieu Cyr is a real stand-up energetic.

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Mathieu Cyr is currently honing his first comedy show in solo. 42 years of age, he has perfect his art in various projects before embarking alone in the arena.

A graduate of the national School of humour in 2007, Mathieu Cyr discovered her interest in comedy on the late.

“I had a life bum. I’ve planted trees in Alberta, surveys on the phone and even been a clown in a shopping mall. I was doing movies to snowboard in Western canada before returning to Quebec to make the school of humour”, he explains.

Many people will remember Mathieu Cyr as host of Slaque the tie with Matt from 2012 to 2015 on Teletoon. He admits that this work has been trainer to hone his sense of punch.

“The capsules vignettes were very short and were used to keep the audience in place from 21h to 23h. A lot of people still talk to me,” he says.

Close to the public

Mathieu Cyr wanted to take the time necessary to provide the best show possible. In a stand-up energetic, he made the public laugh with his anecdotes are unusual and observations social.

“My numbers have been written in the last two years. I explained that it is in a company fuckée showing the points of view from a different angle. For example, I’m going to explain to those who do not have children that really know that have children,” says the latter.

Popular on social media, Mathieu Cyr is followed by 158 000 fans on Facebook and 34,000 followers on Instagram. “I receive up to 50 messages per day that I take the time to reply, confirms it.

With ADHD, Mathieu Cyr speaks of this disease in his show and has also lectured in school on the subject. Important Point for him, his place is not acquired in the humor.

“The supply of humour is stupid. If people pay to see me, it is that they love me cursed. I appreciate it even more at my age, because I climbed the mountain instead of taking the chairlift,” he concludes.

Mathieu Cyr climbs on stage on Friday, February 23 at 20h at the Cabaret Lovers in Saint-Georges. Tickets are on sale to $ 27 at the ticket office of the Lovers of the Stage (11740, 3rd Avenue), by phone at 418 228-2455 or on the site of the Lovers of the Stage.