Is it good to sleep naked?

Полезно ли спать голой?


Polls showed that only 8% of people prefer to sleep naked, others sleep in pajamas, t-shirts or other clothing. Perhaps someone ashamed to admit that they sleep naked, but most people do sleep in clothes. Experts in the field of health agreed that sleep without clothes useful, especially for women.

Studies of the American Academy of sleep showed that sleeping without clothes is better. Deep sleep is the part of the circadian rhythm, the body temperature decreases. If you sleep in clothing, the natural temperature drop will be broken, and with it the sleep cycle. The research results confirmed that the intervention in thermoregulation of the body during sleep causes insomnia. Thus, favorite pajamas can affect the quality of sleep, says science.

The lack of clothing affects not only the sleep quality but also on the appearance of a person. People who prefer to sleep in the Nude, rarely suffer from excess weight and elevated blood cholesterol. For the common man is the connection between these circumstances is not obvious, but men of science say the following: natural temperature drop during deep sleep influences hormonal balance. In particular, when the temperature of the body night increases growth hormone and decreases cortisol concentration.

This combination of hormones not only makes sleep more deeply, by reducing cortisol, the dream becomes more valuable. Per day concentration of the stress hormone cortisol is greatly increased if she does not become lower, then people will Wake up in a bad mood and lack of energy.

A natural increase in growth hormone helps to lose weight and gain muscle mass. If a person sleeps in pajamas, which is inconvenient for him, he will Wake up several times a night. The next morning he about it does not remember, but will feel bad. Each forced awakening causes the body to secrete more cortisol. Among other things this hormone increases the appetite during the day. So pajamas difficult not only to sleep but to lose weight.

Sleep without pajamas is a calmness to the body, a good night’s rest, reducing inflammation in the body and a real vivacity in the mornings. To sleep naked is not only sexy but also healthy. If despite the evidence you still doubt that I will be able to sleep without pajamas, then pick the least harmful option of clothing for sleeping. Silk and lace are very pretty, but the use of underwear made of these materials for sleeping is unsafe. More practical and more useful to opt for loose cotton linen, this material is a better conductor of heat and moisture, it will not cause such a strong overheating as silk.

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