In Moscow has created the biggest calligraffiti in the world

В Москве создали самое большое каллиграфити в мире

Photo: The Agency “Moscow”/Sergey Kiselev

Russian calligraphist Pokras Lampas created the largest graffiti in the world. The record was set in the framework of collaboration with the Moscow “locomotive”, reports the press service of the football club.

The artist has painted the area in front of the “Russian scene” in Cherkizovo in the club’s red-and-green. The square painting is more than 11 thousands square meters.

The painted area is gone for a month. Involved more than five thousand liters of paint. In calligraphy Stripes encrypt the new slogan of the railroad — “we Have our own way”.

“In the sport peaks are seeking only those who remain true to themselves, no matter what. “We have our own way” is very close to me as an artist the vector of development”, — said the artist.

According to him, the text is written in different languages, underscoring the multiculturalism of modern sport.

To see calligraffiti can anyone. It does not need to buy a ticket for the match.

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