Decrease taxes by 2% for the area served by Saint-Honoré

The mayor of Saint-Honoré-de-Shenley

The budget 2018 the municipality of Saint-Honoré-de-Shenley provides for a decrease in the account 2 % in the area served and an increase of 1.25 % in the area not covered.

This variation is due by the end of a borrowing by-law for the area served, and a new debt of the municipality for the paving and repaving of a portion of the rang Petit-Shenley that will be required to repay all citizens.

“The end of the repayment of the catchment area leads to a decrease in taxes for this sector, despite its share of the new loan. For this sector is not served, the decrease that leads to the end of the refund does not compensate for the full costs of the new borrowing by-law”, explains the mayor of Saint-Honoré, Dany Quirion.

In regards to the budget as such, it is 2 796 421 $, which is approximately $ 17,000 less than in 2017. Note that the property tax rate has not changed in 2018.

Multi-purpose Centre

The multifunctional centre will be built over the course of the year. Mr. Quirion has confirmed that contracts had been awarded and that the work should begin as early as February if the weather allows. “We have launched a campaign of popular fundraising and solicitation of businesses. People give what they want and the money will be used to purchase furniture and equipment to fit out the place,” says the elected official, to the effect that there will be no taxation in connection with this project of$2.2 Million.

In addition, a parking lot will be constructed to the rear of the building. The municipality is also awaiting a grant to go ahead for the installation of water games in this place.

Finally, the commission plans to prepare a stretch of 2 km of the row 6 South to pave over the next few years. However, the project is subject to receipt of a grant.