Conference : the leisure a sociological point of view

Conférence : le loisir d’un point de vue sociologique

Gilles Pronovost.

The departments of human Sciences and Management and intervention in the leisure of the Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup invite the public to a lecture-discussion dealing with the leisure of a sociological point of view, given by Gilles Pronovost, professor, Department of studies in leisure, culture and tourism from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, 10 April, from 13 h to 14 h 30, local G-0011 of the College.

Two angles of analysis will be mainly discussed at the conference. First of all, it will be demonstrated how it is possible to surround and deepen the core dimensions of leisure are offering a strictly sociological. Then, we will examine the way in which a sociological study of leisure allows us to better understand contemporary québec society.

Other aspects will also be dealt with, in a more specific way, such as the evolution of the system of values and the place that is given at leisure, the consequences of recreation on the daily behaviors, the transformations of the reports in time and the conclusions that may be drawn for the future of the profession “worker in leisure”.

Mr. Pronovost has published, with the Presses de l’université du Québec the book “Understanding today’s youth : Trajectories, temporalities” (2013), “What do we do with our time? Twenty-four hours in the life of Quebec – international Comparisons” (2015) and “Leisure and society – Treaty of sociology empirical” (3rd edn, 2017).