Called unexpected danger of lack of sleep

Названа неожиданная опасность недосыпа


An international group of scientists from the United States and China found that in people sleeping less than six hours a day increases the risk of dehydration. This publication reports Science Alert.

The researchers analyzed data obtained during the examination of 25 thousand people living in China and the United States. Volunteers were asked how long they sleep per day. They also took urine samples to identify markers that indicate the level of hydration. It turned out that those who spent on sleep insufficient amount of time had a more concentrated urine, and the risk of dehydration was increased by 16-59%.

These results are explained by fluctuations in the level of vasopressin — the antidiuretic hormone involved in maintaining optimal water level in the body. During sleep this hormone is produced in large quantities, however when you sleep there is a lack of vasopressin, which causes further dehydration. Scientists suggest to drink in the morning an additional amount of water to compensate for dehydration.

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