April : month of the awareness of Parkinson’s disease

Avril : mois de la sensibilisation à la maladie de Parkinson

For several thousands of Quebecers, the month of April is synonymous with the awareness month the Parkinson’s disease. In Quebec alone, over 25 000 people are living with Parkinson’s disease and with caregivers, more than 100 000 people are affected. Parkinson’s disease is the second neurodegenerative disease, the most common.

In Parkinson’s Quebec, we believe that people affected by the disease of Parkinson’s should not face the disease alone, and well accompanied, they may pursue a full and complete life.

Member of the network of Parkinson’s, Quebec’s, Parkinson’s Bas-Saint-Laurent share and support this vision by offering information, services and support for people affected by Parkinson’s disease. Like the other members of the quebec network, Parkinson’s Bas-Saint-Laurent also contributes to the research by organizing fundraising activities with partners such as the famous golf Tournament Coop Purdel / Parkinson’s, which will be held on Saturday 25 August.

In 2018, we still believe as strongly as the others is essential in living with Parkinson’s disease in everyday life. Therefore, we wish to strengthen the provision of information, tools and resources for family caregivers, most notably through the Movement of support : virtual classes and self-help groups.

In the framework of the awareness month, we invite you to discover the new video, “Join our forces” which stresses the accompaniment of Parkinson’s Quebec. People living with Parkinson’s disease face daily challenges. The Bike Challenge, by the practice of the exercise, gives them confidence to be stronger. To discover the video : parkinsonquebec.