A juror fails to call at the trial of Claude Leblanc

Un juré manque à l’appel au procès de Claude Leblanc

Claude Leblanc. – Photo: Andréanne Lebel

So that was to begin on may 31, the unveiling of the evidence in the record of Claude Leblanc, accused among other things of a sexual assault, the Court is forced to deal with a juror missing the call and to delay one day the start of the trial.

The 12 jurors were to begin hearing evidence and testimony from 14 pm on the 31st of may. However, it has been impossible to do, due to the absence of one of them. Judge Louis Dionne said that he could always choose a new sworn in to replace it, since the evidence has not yet been disclosed. “It causes a small delay, it doesn’t happen often, but it happens,” explained the judge, Louis Dionne.

A warrant of arrest, executed by the special constables at the courthouse in Rivière-du-Loup has been issued in the place of juror number 9, if he fails to attend, with the other 11 members of the jury tomorrow morning. A period of two weeks, was reserved for this trial. Recall that Claude Leblanc, age 76 of Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac is accused of having made inappropriate touching and led the victim to do the same, in addition to facing a charge in relation to a sexual assault on a minor. The defendant was in a position of authority and trust vis-à-vis his victim.