A fourth jewel to Saint-Georges

The president of the Jewels of Quebec, Gaston Arcand (2nd on the left), was presented with a plaque pointing out the four flagships obtained by St. George City officials, mayor Claude Morin, the technician at the Department of public works, Bertrand Bergeron, city councillor Solange Thibodeau, and the project manager for the revitalization of the city centre, Amélie Ferland.

Saint-Georges was awarded a fourth jewel in the crown of the part of the Corporation des fleurons du Québec during the unveiling of the classification of horticultural municipalities, which took place in Granby.

The mayor of Saint-Georges, Claude Morin, is pleased with this news, but wants to continue to improve the quality of life and beautification sustainable City. He also highlighted the work done over the last three years.

“In an effort to improve the organization, the organization stresses that we need to do more, mainly in collaboration with our businesses and our institutions. We will reach out to our business partners in order to continue to consistently improve our living environment”, he added.

Recall that the Corporation evaluates municipalities on the basis of the beautification horticulture sustainable. The municipalities that are part of it are assessed every three years and receive a rating ranging from one to five florets.


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