A Beauceron to The Love is in the meadow

Jean-Christophe Bourque-St-Hilaire will participate in the next season of the Love is in the meadow.

Photo credit : Courtesy

The Georgian Jean-Christophe Bourque-Saint-Hilaire has been selected to participate in the popular program Love is in the meadow, aired on channel V.

The 25-year-old describes himself as someone taking pleasure to walk outside of the path of the cows”, on the website of Noovo, owner of the chain.

Always according to his description, the former quarterback of the Condors du Cégep Beauce-Appalaches works on vegetable production, beef, swine and crops at the family farm run by his mother and his grandmother.

His ambition is to take over the family farm and owning his own market to sell its products.

His goal in participating in the show is to find “a girl who will surprise and who will fit into his ideas of greatness to diversify the farm activities such as wine production”, explains in its fact sheet.


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