50th of the Centre sportif Lacroix-Dutil : 12 organizations implemented

Twelve representatives of agencies that are photographed in front of the wall that is located at the top of the main entrance hall of the Centre sportif Lacroix-Dutil.

Photo credit : The Scout-Progress – Simon Busque

In the context of the 50th anniversary of the Centre sportif Lacroix-Dutil, the City of Saint-Georges began his series of festivities with the unveiling of a mural by focusing on 12 organizations that give life to this building.

The unveiling took place in the late afternoon today so that representatives of each of these organizations, all run by volunteers, were invited to the feast. The wall is in sight just at the main entrance of the arena.

“If we can celebrate 50 years of history, it is thanks to dedicated people like you and it’s called volunteers. We are fortunate to be able to count on you volunteers and we are fortunate,” said the director of the Department of recreation and culture of the City of Saint-Georges, Carole Packet.

Another employee of the same department, who is also the conductor of the festivities, Dany’s Side, has explained that the celebrations will take place in the form of a hockey game is three periods. “Today, we start with the first period, honoring the organizations that use the Centre sportif lacroix-Dutil. The second period will be presented on February 9, while a mural depicting the history of the Tournament Comrie will be unveiled. It will complement with the third period on November 10, 2018, which will mark to the day the first shots of skating that are given on the ice of the arena called the Palace of Sports at the time”.

Note that the 10 February, the Gala du mérite sportif beauceron will unveil its own wall. An exhibition on the history of the arena will also be presented at the Centre culturel Marie-Fitzbach from the 22 February.

The mayor of Saint-Georges, Claude Morin, is very proud of the arena of his city and of the festivities to come. “This arena has aged well, thanks to the staff of all times who has done an extraordinary job to maintain it. It is a beautiful gathering place for the whole of the Beauce,” he argued.

List of organizations honored

•24 DH Cliche Auto Ford

•Players ‘ Association minor hockey Saint-Georges

•Beauce Mitsubishi junior

•Cléri Sports junior AA

•Club de patinage artistique de Saint-Georges

•Cool FM, LNAH

•Dragons of the Polyvalente de Saint-Georges, school hockey

•Patriots de Beauce, AAA hockey

•Tournament bantam Centre Hi-Fi Larivière Electronic

•Tournament Comrie Desjardins

•Hockey tournament of the FP

•Tournament for women’s hockey

The agencies are now well in view all just in the lobby of the main entrance.