Winter triathlon: Familiar champions

A pharmacist from Jonquiere and a financial analyst from Gatineau won the S3 Winter Triathlon World Cup on Sunday on the plains of Abraham. An event that has no world but its name, but whose difficulty is not to be disdained.

“It’s hard!” Exclaimed Jochem Uytdehaage, crossing the finish line. “Especially the race section, where I saw everybody in front of me who was running away from me! But I kept saying: keep the rhythm, the skate is coming, “laughed one of the five international athletes present at this unique winter competition on the planet.

Uytdehaage is a two-time long track skating champion at the 2002 Games, on 5,000 and 10,000 meters. Ninth out of 10 elite riders after the racket, the 40-year-old Dutchman completed his 30 rounds of ice rink at least 1 min 22 faster than all his competitors. “It’s the difference between speed skating and skating,” he said.

However, his delay was already too great and he finished 8th out of 10 in the cumulative 5 km of snowshoeing, 11 km of skating and 9.5 km cross-country skiing. Twelve minutes behind the winner for a second consecutive year, Maxime Leboeuf.


There is no secret. Success in the S3 winter triathlon (snowshoe, skate, ski) is the versatility of the three disciplines.

“To be good, you have to be equal in all three sports, otherwise you get caught two, three minutes in a section and it’s too late,” said Leboeuf, who had his lesson on his first try in 2015. He has since worked on his skating shot to record a total time of 1:10:23, Sunday.

A 29-year-old biathlete from Quebec City, he lives in Gatineau and earns his life as a financial analyst for the Bank of Canada. He trains with Olivier Babineau, still second this year.

Last week, Leboeuf finished third in the Gatineau Loppet for 51 km of cross-country skiing and will be at the start of the North American Racket Championship on Friday in Quebec City, as well as the Snow Pentathlon the following day, S3.

James Poulin-Cadovius, seventh Sunday, had raced Saturday the racing and racket shuttles of the collegiate tournament and the corporate challenge of the Pentathlon. So 13 km more in the legs the day before.

Associated with the Pentathlon as a coach, this physical education teacher at College Merici and the Ursulines school will participate in two other events next Saturday and will bring 40 young people from the fourth to the sixth year on the Plains Tuesday, At the school tournament.

The winner of the women’s section had raced the Skippet for 18.8 km of cross-country skiing on Saturday in Chicoutimi. That she had also won. The long-distance Pentathlon is scheduled for next weekend.

A 27-year-old pharmacist, Ariane Carrier is a former member of Laval’s Rouge et Or cross-country ski club.

“When you get out of the skate and put on your skis, you seem to have never skied in our life! It is very difficult, there is no balance. The first round of skiing is what is the most difficult, “said the one who pocketed $ 1200 for his victory, just like Leboeuf.


Sarah-Anne Brault in unknown terrain
Sarah-Anne Brault attended the Olympic Triathlon Games in Rio. But there is no question of embarking on a new cycle of four years. “I am not going to re-engage for Tokyo 2020,” said the Sun the 27-year-old redhead on Sunday. “I will not do any triathlon anymore. I want to do something else too, in life. I’ll try winter sports a bit. ”

Like the racket-skating triathlon. She was invited to the World Cup race on the Plains. “Someone convinced me to do that and I’m not too sure it was a good idea!” She laughed after crossing the finish line 10th and last good five minutes later The ninth.

Brault took 42nd place in the Olympic Triathlon event last August. The native of Beaumont, municipality east of Levis, was much more in its element with the version swimming-biking-running. The winter grind “is technical and I have not put enough training time,” said the one who went out after the five km of racquet before sinking on the ice.

“It’s nice to do things a little different, it’s been a long time since I could not try anything else. But I will have to practice a bit, “says Brault, who took advantage of a loan of equipment from the head coach of the triathlon club of the Rouge et Or of University Laval, whose brothers are members .

Childhood in Beaumont, adolescence in Winnipeg, university in West Virginia and training in Victoria, Australia and Spain, she has now returned to the family home of Sainte-Foy. A return to school is part of his short-term plans.

After his experience on Sunday, Brault does not say no to a new participation in the Pentathlon next week, but in team and in the sections of bike, running or snowshoeing. Cross-country skiing and skating will await next year.


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