UL strike continues until March 10

While Laval University students are starting their spring break, support workers will remain on strike until March 10th.

In a message sent to its members on Friday morning, the Union of Employees of University Laval (ONLY) justified its decision because of the “radio silence of the employer”.

“Mr. Bauce is undoubtedly too preoccupied with his campaign (in the rectorate) to take care of the good of the university community,” accuses Eric-Jan Zubrzycki, union advisor of the ONLY.

The union says it has been full of support in recent weeks: students in sociology, theater, anthropology and retired Laval University, who came to demonstrate with them Thursday lunchtime.

A judge will hear Monday the union’s request for an emergency order, which says strikebreakers are currently working on campus.

On the issue of pension schemes, both parties are still awaiting the appointment of an arbitrator.

After blocking all entrances to the campus on February 9, ONLY held a few days of punctual strike, before continuing the strike since February 21.

If the PEPS was closed last weekend, the management of University Laval this time has taken the means to keep it open despite the strike. On March 4th and 5th, it will be open from 8am to 4pm. However, the rinks and recreational pool for toddlers will be closed for safety reasons.


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