Trump’s paranoid saga continues

No obvious chronicle topics this Monday morning? No problem: the trumpeenne saga south of the border is still rich in spectacular developments. This time, it is the president ‘s tweets accusing his predecessor Obama of having him on wiretapping during the election campaign, which make headlines.

Again, no one is able to confirm the truth of this allegation, launched by a conservative animator, taken over by the Breitbart site, and relayed by the president on Twitter. It was necessary to see the frenzy of commentators on CNN on Monday, to understand the devastating effect of this new paranoid crisis in the White House.

The man who had been seen to adopt a presidential and unifying tone in his speech last Tuesday before Congress, has again become the unpredictable and contemptuous character he once was. Citing unidentified sources, the American media argue that he made an uncontrollable fit of anger in the presence of his main collaborators this weekend, blaming them for not having clogged the leaks in the media.

The problem with the president’s new allegations against Barack Obama is that no matter what happens, Trump is at risk of suffering. On the one hand, Obama did not have the power to order alone the eavesdropping of the Republican team. If Trump’s allegations are unfounded, they undermine his credibility once again. On the other hand, if they are well-founded, the FBI and the intelligence services have had enough serious suspicion against the Republican team to convince a judge to wiretap it. However, if this is the case, these suspicions point again to Trump’s relations with Vladimir Putin’s emissaries.

On Sunday, the president asked Congress to investigate. Republican Devin Nunes, who chairs the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives, said his group would shed light on the case. But the former Attorney General of George W. Bush was categorical Monday: if such a wiretap was authorized by a judge, it is that we had serious information about inappropriate links between one or several members of the team Trump and the Russians.

In short, if the president had wanted to relaunch such rumors, he could not do better. The embarrassment in his camp is such that Donald Trump did not appear in front of the media on Monday to announce the amended version of his decree on immigration. It was unveiled by the Secretaries of State for Justice, Defense and Homeland Security. The three men have taken no questions from journalists and are understood to listen to the embarrassed comments of Republican senators joined by journalists.

What should we think of this new decree that spares Iraq and seems more consistent with Trump’s commitments? It is a bit early to make predictions, except that the targeted people will have more time to react, since it will not come into force until March 16. The bottom line is that the message is the same for immigrants, whether legal or illegal: the American dream will never be as accessible under this president, and it is to countries such as Canada that they will turn from now on.

Whether we like it or not, we will have to live with the consequences of the decisions of this president.


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