Trump blames the FBI for media leaks

US President Donald Trump criticizes the US federal police for not clogging media leaks and warned that this could have a “devastating impact on the country”.

Trump said on Twitter, early Friday, that some information that is found in the public square are secret.

Trump’s staff director Reince Priebus has recently asked a FBI boss to publicly oppose the media reports that Mr. Trump’s team had frequent contacts with Russia during the election.

The New York Times reported last week that US agencies intercepted last year appeals between Trump’s election team and Russian intelligence officials. Mr. Priebus reportedly contacted FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe asking him to challenge the veracity of this information.

The alleged discussions between Messrs. Priebus and McCabe have aroused the anger of the Democrats, who believe that Trump’s director of staff has broken the rules that govern communications between the White House and law enforcement.

The FBI has not yet responded to the information provided by the Times and there is no evidence that it intends to do so.

Mr. Trump launches on Twitter that the FBI is “totally incapable” of putting an end to the actions of those who leak information relating to the national security of the country. He then criticized the federal police for being unable to find leaks within his ranks.

He then orders the FBI to “FIND NOW” those responsible for these leaks.


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