Tigers 1 / Ramparts 4: resistance and counter-attack

In the first 15 minutes of the game, the Remparts were able to resist the attacks of the Tigers and recovered from the beast to escape with a 4-1 victory on Wednesday night at Center Videotron.

Matthew Boucher and Evgeny Kiselev were the two stars of the Red Devils. The first managed a round of the hat, the second made 33 saves, of which 17 in the first period only.

“We did not panic, we did the right thing. Geno [Kiselev] kept us in the game. And after that, we played well, we did well and we found a way to score goals. She is doing good, that one, “analyzed head coach Philippe Boucher during his press briefing.

Kiselev was probably heading for the first star when Matthew Boucher completed his hat trick in a desert net with 13 seconds left. A tasty victory after a long journey in the Maritimes.

“We came back from a difficult journey, probably the most difficult of the year. Going home and playing a good game like this, it’s always good, “said Boucher son, wearing the fur coat given to the player by the team.

Acrobatic stops

The hero of the day was lauded to his cerbera, whose stops sometimes acrobatic inspired. “If there’s a guy who works hard on that team, that’s Geno. The [difficult] stops he makes from time to time, I do not think you succeed when you’re cowardly. When he makes stops like that, you see that he’s in his game, it inspires us with a lot of confidence. ”

On the side of the losers, head coach Louis Robitaille deplored the lack of fighting and discipline of his troopers, yet left the starting blocks as hungry lions. “They played a good game for a young team,” Robitaille said of the Remparts. “They protected their goalkeeper, they protected the inside of the ice rink. We did not bleed enough to deserve to score more goals than that. ”

Despite their difficult start, the Remparts opened the scoring with just over three minutes to make in the first period on a nice shot from the back of Boucher, left alone in the enclave. In second place, Québec took advantage of a numerical advantage to double its lead. Louis-Filip side made a nice climb along the strip before joining Christian Huntley (10 th ) in net. The defender thwarted James Povall from a blocking wrist shot.

During a penalty Boucher, Alexander Goulet (27 e ), however, closed the gap to less than five minutes to go in the third period.

The Remparts captain nevertheless recovered beautifully by recovering a pass-release of Samuel Hould to escape and return a priority of two goals to his. Two minutes later, he completed his hat trick with his 27 th goal of the season.

Two Aids for Ayotte

Against the team for which he played for four and a half seasons, striker Mathieu Ayotte collected two assists for the Remparts. “He may have been a bit nervous, but he did well. We saw that it gave him great pleasure to be able to go beat his old club. We are happy to have won for him, “said Philippe Boucher.

With a gain of 7624, the Remparts are just one point behind the Acadie-Bathurst Titan in ninth place overall and two of the Chicoutimi Tigers and Saguenéens fighting for seventh place.

Picco: “A year to forget”
It is only Thursday that defender Andrew Picco will pass a magnetic resonance imaging to determine the extent of damage to his shoulder. On Wednesday, the Remparts player could hardly move his left arm because of his recent injury, which will keep him away a few weeks. “It’s brutal [what happens to him], it’s a season to forget. But I expected it a bit [to be hurt], because I had not been able to train to play at this level. I’m just glad to be alive, “admitted the man who came close to death last summer after falling several meters. Carl Tardif


Head coach Philippe Boucher said he was somewhat surprised by the dismissal of Ken Hitchcock behind the St. Louis Blues bench, but little to see Mike Yeo replace him immediately when he was to succeed him next season. Boucher never played under the orders of the first with the Stars, his arrival in Dallas having coincided with the departure of this one. On the other hand, he was aligned with the Pittsburgh Penguins when the second was the assistant coach of Michel Therrien and Dan Bylsma. “I liked him as an assistant in Pittsburgh, I liked him like nobody, he was close to the players. It did not surprise me that Cliff Fletcher gave him a chance in Minnesota afterwards, “said the Red Devil in Chief.


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