Third link: Lessard announces the creation of a project office

The Liberal government cedes to the Quebec City Coalition (CAQ) attacks and agrees to create a project office for the third road link hoped for between Quebec City and Levis.

“There will be a project office, it will start,” said Transport Minister Laurent Lessard before entering the room for the day’s work.

He knew then that the CAQ would table a motion to ask for the establishment of a project office and its funding in the next provincial budget. “I do not know why the CAQ did not want us to vote with them. We have asked to make a change so that there is a creation of a project office not in the budget because a budget is secret “, specified Mr. Lessard, judging” it is useless to continue to put A debate on it “.

Indeed, the motion as drafted was rejected by the Liberals, who did not consent to its tabling.

But in the end, the Couillard government undertook to create a structure to further study potential projects to cross the St. Lawrence River. Lévis wants a link in the east and Quebec in the west. Bridge, tunnel and mixture of both are evoked.

The CAQ, who was tapping this nail since the consultation on the subject organized by Federal Minister Steven Blaney last Wednesday, was granted in a short week.

The Quebec City region has a project office for fast bus service (SRB), another for the widening of the Laurentian Highway and now one for a possible third link.


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