The incredible life of Alex Caine

Jack Bauer has survived too many shootings and explosions in 24 hours so that we do not end up laughing. Alex Caine’s life, which infiltrated both the Chinese mafia and the motorcycle gangs, and foiled a terrorist attack, seems equally unbelievable, but happened to be true.

You may have seen it in April 2015. For the first time, the Quebecois is told in a documentary fiction entitled Alex Caine: infiltrator , produced by Pixcom, and which looks at himself as a film of ‘Spying to the twists and turns worthy of American blockbusters.

The series of eight episodes of 30 minutes, which will broadcast Historia from Wednesday, March 15 at 9:30 pm, benefits from a montage of a formidable efficiency and will keep you at the end of your seat. One is fascinated by his skill, and then the next moment, one wonders how he will get out of the mess. And always this question: “How is it that he is still alive?”

Testimonials from Alex Caine himself and many speakers are interspersed with dramatic reconstructions of events. The first episode tells the whole story of his life as an infiltrator. After a marijuana deal that will send him to jail, he will become friends with a martial arts pro, unaware that he is a heroin importer and a member of the Chinese mafia. When he wants to have him as a partner for Quebec, Caine has no choice to accept because he knows too much. His wife will convince him to go to the police, who will make him his infiltrator. That’s where it all began.

After that, it will never stop, and we will entrust to him missions more and more delicate. The episode in Pakistan in the late 70s gives cold in the back. Engaged by the FBI, Caine first had to pretend to be a pimp to trap pilots who were drugged by air. Then, he will have to go to a dangerous region of the country to meet the head of the network. I do not tell you how it ends, but it’s completely crazy.

You will find that his ex-wife, who testifies with face covered in the series, is a true saint. Not only did she see her husband run so many risks, but she encouraged him to leave, realizing that it had become his second nature. His influence will count for many.

We have already seen bad dramatic reconstructions played artificially, which make drop some talk. This is not the case in this series, where we are almost dealing with a series in the series. Former fans of Toc toc toc are likely to have a shock when they see Marc St-Martin playing the role of Alex Caine; Let’s say that we are far from the fantasy world and good child of his character of Kao. You can well imagine that Caine did not have to deal with choir children. A second actor lends his voice to the main character, who acts as the narrator of the series and tells his story, which adds to the effectiveness of the series.

By accepting the series, Alex Caine is not afraid to be identified by people who resent him, as former members of the Bandidos. “They do not look at Historia,” says the infiltrator, adding, “If it gets a little heated, I’m gone.” I had the privilege of spending time with the 68-year-old man, ‘Great humility, but proud of his journey, rightly. He now leads a quiet life, enjoys cultivating his tomatoes and watching curling on television. “Like watching paint dry,” he told me. But if the phone rang, he would not hesitate for a moment to resume service. “It happened in November 2015. I instantly recognized the voice by picking it up.” In two seconds, he was again Alex Caine, his surname.

After he spoke to Everyone , Caine had received 14 project proposals and refused them all. Moreover, his first meeting with the producers of Pixcom, including Charles Lafortune, had rather badly unfolded. The main person, who prefers by far the anonymity, was not in a hurry to see his face plastered on the air. A book was fine, but a TV series? “I was not interested. I like my loneliness, “he said. Producer Izabel Chevrier however came back to convince him of the merits of his project.

She quickly realized that the company would not be simple. If only to contact Alex Caine, still on mission at the beginning of the project. “He was leaving for three months, I had to go through his editor to talk to him,” she says. At any time, the infiltrator could slide between his fingers without warning, which makes it even more mysterious. It is in vain to pass through its most delicate missions, remains that one will never really know who is the real Alex Caine.

After the documentary, the series of fiction
Alex Caine is convinced that there is material for two or three more seasons of the documentary series. With such a life, it is to wonder how it is that we did not inspire ourselves for a fiction in us. Pixcom has also thought about it, and will develop this autumn a series project inspired by the missions of Alex Caine, much like The negotiator , created from the investigations of Claude Poirier. We can already ask ourselves who will be given the lead role. Meanwhile, Pixcom is negotiating to distribute the docu-fiction in the United States.


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