The artistic community in shock

The artistic community, that of Quebec City, was not long to react to the attacks that shook the city on Sunday. Some of them, such as Safia Nolin and Karim Ouellet, said that Muslims were part of their relatives or had played an important role in their lives, while others, including musicians from outside the province such as the Billy group Talent or singer Patrick Bruel, shared their fear in front of this killing or sent their love.

The singer Karim Ouellet reported in Twitter that his cousin’s husband is Muslim and that with his two children he had to go to the evening prayer at the mosque of Sainte-Foy on Sunday. “The children were tired, so they stayed at home. I am relieved, but also sad, shocked, helpless. ”

Safia Nolin, whose father is Algerian, also reacted in Twitter, first by sending “a lot of love for the Muslim community of Quebec”. She said: “It was a wonderful community that helped us a lot when I was young and is currently experiencing a horrible tragedy.”

The singer and host Marieme Ndiaye published a message of tolerance. “Hatred just as love has neither color nor religion. But love always triumphs. Love each other.”

Humorist Jean-Thomas Jobin grew up in Sainte-Foy. He had not the heart to laugh: “My beautiful town of Sainte-Foy, a news of infinite sadness …”

Originally from Saint-Romuald, Ariane Moffatt did not hide her indignation. “I am shamed this morning when I wake up. At the same time as bcp of love directed towards all the Muslims of OUR Quebec. ”

Bruno Pelletier, who pushed to Charlesbourg, joined his voice, noting: “The contagion of hate is everywhere … The city where I was born, Quebec, I never would have believed … Again:” I hurt men “.

They said…
“Quebec is one of our favorite places to play and we know the love and strength of this city. We send all our love. ”

– The Billy Talent

” I read the news today, oh boy … I will not be part of that violence: I tolerate, I will include, I will break the cycle of violence.”

– Jeff Stinco, of Simple Plan

“Sincere thoughts for the victims, their loved ones and for the entire Muslim community in Quebec City.”

– Corneille

“In my family there are Catholics, atheists, Muslims, Jews, blacks, people with disabilities, straight people and homosexuals. I will never understand these tragedies, these hateful acts. All my love and compassion to the families of the victims and the people of Quebec who do not endorse the gestures committed last night. Love. Peace. Tolerance.”

– Veronique Cloutier

“What a sad time … Human nature is full of bugs, we turn off all that and we restart …”

– Dany Turcotte

“Sadness on awakening. Horror again … All my thoughts to victims, families and all Quebequois [sic]. ”

– Patrick Bruel

“My insomnia and I are heartfelt with the Muslim community of Ste-Foy.”

– Guy A. Lepage

“What a late evening sad, hard to go to sleep. Just send thoughts without being able to find better. ”

– Julie Snyder

“Lay me after a shoot … and I read about what happened to Qc.” Am under shock. My thoughts and my love go to those who need it. ”

– Eric Salvail

“People of Ste-Foy, I think of you. Muslims of Quebec, I am in solidarity with your pain. ”

– Laurent Paquin

“We will oppose tolerance, openness, dialogue, reason and heart to this unclean violence generated by hatred and ignorance.”

– Penelope McQuade

“All my thoughts and all my good waves, I throw them to my friends in Quebec City. Of all religions, allegiances and roots. ”

– Louis-Jean Cormier

“Nothing can justify such ignorance, such hatred, such fear of the other. All my thoughts with the victims and their loved ones. ”

– Florence K

“Solidarity and compassion. Peace in the hearts of all, especially among our Muslim compatriots. Quebec, we love you. Be strong. ”

– Yann Perreau

“Today, let’s take the time to talk to our children about friendship, fraternity, openness, tolerance with all communities.”


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