Street Kitchen in Quebec City as of June 15

Street trucks will be installed in a dozen sites in Quebec City as of June 15 when the pilot project for which the Labeaume administration has launched a call for interest on Monday will begin.

At this stage, it is not a question of a tender as such, but rather of a probe to find out, by 19 March, who is interested in operating such a restaurant truck. The ideas and comments received will make it possible to fine-tune the criteria for the final reception and the choice of the restaurateurs planned for April 26th.

Street food enthusiasts will be able to enjoy themselves on June 15th according to the schedule provided by the City of Québec.

“The street cuisine will land as planned in Quebec City in 2017,” said Mayor Regis Labeaume, a Quebec City official.

“Restaurant owners will have the opportunity to show us all the creativity they can demonstrate with this new culinary offer.”

Among the criteria, the restorers will already have to “have a place of preparation or a restaurant on the territory of the city of Quebec”. The objective is not to hurt existing restaurants by avoiding competition with those who have a place on the streets, particularly on commercial arteries.

10 sites

The final details of the regulatory framework will be announced on March 20, but it is already known that the City of Quebec endorsed the recommendation of a working group led by Chief Emeritus Jean Soulard, who identified 10 sites for truck- Restaurants during the summer of 2017 and 2018 pilot projects.

These include the Sainte-Foy open-air base, the Maizerets estate, Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde park, Enfant-Jesus hospital, Cartier-Brebeuf park, The Chute-Montmorency, the Parc Jacques-Cartier, the Saint-Roch pool area, the Samuel-De Champlain promenade and the Etang de la Côte sector in Beauport.

In its communique published on Monday, the City of Québec indicated that the final selection of restaurateurs will be made by a committee to which three external members associated with the field of the restoration will belong.

Points will be awarded according to the creativity and originality of the menu, the quality of the culinary offer, the supply of local products, the professional experience of the owners of a truck, the eco-responsible management and the appearance Neatness of the restaurant truck and the overall quality of the file handed over.


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