St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica: A First Mission Accomplished

The Amen Saint-Michel committee will begin its “final sprint” in 2017 to obtain the necessary funding to complete the renovation of the Saint-Michel Cathedral Basilica.

Over the past few months, the outer envelope of the cathedral has been completely repaired at a cost of $ 5.2 million, $ 700,000 less than anticipated. The masonry joints, more than 100 years old, have been completely redone, the windows have been replaced and solidified, the roof completely redone, as well as the Cabana room. The work was also completed on schedule, the representative of the Amen St-Michel campaign, Marc Bureau, welcomed.

“This is a bit of a boast, because the work has been done within the budget and on schedule. But we managed that thanks to a packet of people, “he said.

“There were so many volunteers and there are so many Sherbrooke people who are generous and visibly hold this monument. It is a gathering place not only religious but also civil. It is the most photographed place in Sherbrooke. ”

The organizers of Amen Saint-Michel, which was set up in 2013 to see to the protection and conservation of the Basilica-Saint-Michel Cathedral in Sherbrooke and the Bishopric of Sherbrooke, Of the first phase of the work Thursday evening, during a cocktail held with about sixty donors and volunteers.

“Thanks to you, big and small donors, who have put your hand in your pocket to enable us to carry out this vast project,” said Bishop Luc Cyr. It is thanks to all of you that we are on the road to success and that we will be able to repair and protect this heritage, tourism, artistic and human jewel. ”

In 2014, the Amen Saint-Michel committee launched a major fundraising campaign to raise $ 8.5 million over five years to restore Saint-Michel Cathedral Basilica and the archdiocese of the diocese of Sherbrooke.

Repair and conservation works valued at $ 2.8 million remain to be carried out, notably to repair the cathedral’s forecourt and the archbishop’s collection. The committee should present its funding strategies for Phase 2 of the work in the coming weeks.

“We have $ 5.2 million invested at this time. The water returned to the cathedral and it was necessary to protect the monument. That was the biggest step. This will be the final sprint in 2017, “summarizes Marc Bureau.


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