Specialist doctors ask Lucien Bouchard to represent them

After the pharmacists, it is the turn of the medical specialists to retain the services of former Prime Minister Lucien Bouchard to represent them “in the context of any legal remedies that could be brought” by the federation that represents them .

The Federation of Medical Specialists of Quebec made the announcement Thursday in the early evening. According to its president, Dr. Diane Francoeur, “the ras-le-bol of medical specialists is generalized in front of the approach, the attitude, the decisions and the unilateral actions of the Minister of Health, Gaetan Barrette”.

So much so that delegates of medical specialties endorsed Thursday “a plan that will focus on our right to defend the conditions of practice of specialized medicine in institutions,” says Dr. Francoeur.

At a press conference earlier in Montreal, the President of the FMSQ called for Pierre Moreau, President of the Conseil du tresor, to negotiate the abolition of ancillary costs and public coverage of office ultrasounds.

Dr. Francoeur said that she no longer trusts Minister Barrette, whom she criticizes for having banned incidental expenses in a rush without negotiating. It asks the government to take a few more months to better define and manage these costs “so that it is clear to everyone”.

“Obviously, this is a failure statement for the Minister of Health. Good faith does not seem to be there, “official health official Diane Lamarre said in an interview with Le Soleil on Thursday morning.

The abolition of incidental costs is scheduled for January 26, said Ms. Lamarre. “Since the time it is being discussed, I think that [the Minister of Health] has demonstrated that he is not able to settle the matter”, notes the Member for Taillon, who deplores the “bad Preparation “of the Minister. An improvisation that causes confusion and anxiety, both in patients and in health care professionals, is desolate.

“In the ultrasound file, it is clear that there are issues that the minister did not contemplate. I have lots of cases of patients who need an echo and can not get an appointment […] This is not an approach that will favor the supply in the clinics, so An increase in supply in hospitals, “says Ms. Lamarre.

Minister and spouse

According to her, the patients are “paying the price of coercive will” of Minister Barrette. “We have a hyperactive minister who is becoming overly negligent,” laments Ms. Lamarre, who also believes the minister should have refrained from public speaking about the presence of his wife, Dr. Marie-Josee Berthiaume, at a meeting of the Association of Radiologists of Quebec (ARQ) last Friday.

Monday, The Sun reported that the radiologist was not well received at the meeting of the ARQ, which addressed the difficult negotiations with the Ministry of Health about the coverage of ultrasounds done in private clinics. Minister Barrette defended his wife on the grounds that she was a member of the association and had the right to participate in the meeting. He handed it over later, saluting his courage to come forward.

For Diane Lamarre, there is no doubt that Dr. Berthiaume was in a conflict of interest even though she pays her dues to the ARQ. “The minister should have understood this and suggested that he should not show up. It shows how different it is from the experts in governance, “Ms. Lamarre said.” Ethically, the minister is not able to differentiate his different roles and functions. ”

“We hope that the government will mark its interventions. […] Conflicts of interest can be divided into three categories: real, potential and apparent. In this case, all three are present, “analyzes Ms. Lamarre.

Poor management of medical staff
The decline in the number of physicians active in the Quebec City region, reported by the College of Physicians in its latest annual report on median numbers, indicates a “management problem”, according to MP Diane Lamarre. “How can we reduce the number of family physicians [16 since last year]? We know that the number of people waiting for a doctor in Quebec City rose from 46,636 in November 2015 to 51,092 in September 2016. How will we handle this with 16 doctors? Official Opposition in Health. According to her, even in regions where the number of active physicians has increased, “there is still a large gap between the number of people waiting for a doctor and the goal of 85% [of the population enrolled in a doctor By the end of 2017] “. Ms. Lamarre recalled that there are still half a million people waiting at the counter for access to a family doctor. “If they took the trouble to register, it’s because they have needs,” she says.


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