“Quebec is in mourning”

Quebec “Quebec City is in mourning,” said Mayor Regis Labeaume on his Facebook page a few hours after the shooting that caused several deaths Sunday in a mosque in Sainte-Foy.

“Violence and intolerance against anyone, groups or individuals, is simply unjustifiable and unacceptable. My first thoughts go to the families of the victims and to all the faithful of the Sainte-Foy mosque. The whole city is with you and we will be at your side to go through this terrible ordeal that goes beyond reason. Let us remain united, solidarity is the best answer to offer before this human tragedy and free. ”

The mayor of Quebec City also wished his citizens courage. “We will need it in the days to come!”

The head of Democracy Quebec, Anne Guerette, was also “upset” by the tragic events. “We’ve seen things happen in many places on the planet. Maybe we felt away from it all. But we realize it can happen anywhere. ”

“It’s overwhelming, it’s sad. All my thoughts go to the many victims, but also to those who remain, “adds the leader of Democracy Quebec. “It is sad, because our city is a city where warm, welcoming and non-violent people live, the vast majority. That’s a lot more of what we’ve been doing tonight. ”

“Keep your head cool”

But despite the violence of the gesture committed, “we must keep our heads cold,” reminds Guerette. “You have to be very careful not to embark on a climb. […] A message of tolerance and respect must be given. ”

For Francois Deschamps, the instigator of the Welcome to Refugees movement in Quebec City, such a drama was unfortunately predictable. “What traumatizes me is that I am obliged to say that I am not surprised,” says the observer of far-right movements in Quebec. In the same breath, he adds that everyone should “take the time to be sad” before trying to understand and rationalize the situation. With this in mind, a vigil will take place at the end of the day Monday in Quebec City. The location remains to be determined.


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