Pierre Hebert, the beautiful risk

strong>For his second one-man show in the career, the humorist Pierre Hebert had the taste to put himself in danger. Yet he looked rudely comfortable on Wednesday night at the Albert-Rousseau Hall for the premiere in Quebec City of his show Le gout du risque , before a public conquered in advance, who welcomed him more than warmly.

If Hebert is so desirous of being destabilized, it is because of his own admission he is an elderly person in the body of a 36-year-old guy. He is afraid of death, is hypochondriacal, goes to eat hotdogs at Costco at noon … and he likes to take marches because it makes him digest.

This explains why, by reaching his mid-thirties (and becoming a father of a family), the fear of getting bogged down in a too comfortable routine seized him, thus imposing the main theme of the second solo effort of this graduate Of the School of Humor, promotion 2005.

“The mystery humorist”

First, Pierre Hebert highlighted the risk taken by the spectator, recalling that last March, he had launched the “mystery humorist” campaign: for 48 hours, people could buy, for only $ 20, A humorous performance ticket, not knowing for whom they bought the ticket.

He thought he would sell 1000 … he sold 20,000. Pierre Hebert thanked some spectators for having dared to take a risk, mentioning that at that price they were paying for it at the same price Hourly rate as her small 13-year-old babysitter.

In The Taste of Risk , Pierre Hebert tells us how, voluntarily, he tries to take, as often as possible, the path he would not necessarily attend. Listening to horror movies, for example, he who is the most cowardly guy on earth. Or buying a motorcycle, even if he shuddering at the crazy speed of … 65 km / h. Or by climbing (in an epic way) a panoramic staircase of 900 steps to Santorini instead of taking (like everyone else) the cable car …

Famous storyteller

The strength of Pierre Hebert is that he is a famous storyteller. He is funny, he lives well in the stage, and delivers his texts (written with Pascal Mailloux, Julien Tapp, and Martin Vachon) with a remarkable sense of timing . The seven numbers of the show are skilfully linked together, and are presented smoothly in 90 minutes, without intermission, and without time out. Let’s bet that the work of script-editing Francois Avard is surely for something.

As it is at the beginning of the tour, many more are already announced for Pierre Hebert this year: May 3rd and 4th, June 1st (these three performances are already full), as well as November 8, 9 and 25, Always in the Salle Albert-Rousseau.


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