Old Levis protected and enhanced

After two years of work, citizens and elected representatives of the City of Lévis culminated with a plan to protect and enhance Old Levis.

For the Mayor of Levis Gilles Lehouillier, this neighborhood that faces Old Quebec is like “the heart and soul of our city”. The City of Levis has never in the past made specific plans to protect the historic character of this area. Steps are now being taken to ensure that Old Levis is officially recognized as a historic sector by the Ministere de la Culture.

The PPU plans to climb up to 7 floors the height of the buildings that can be built in the area of ​​the transom, which will not prevent the view on the cape.

It also provides for tighter parking regulations on the shelf. “It’s over the people who leave their cars at the top of the cape to go to work in Quebec City because they do not want to pay for parking downstairs,” warned Mayor Lehouillier.

Parks and gazebos will be rebuilt, and the visual signature of Old Levis will be rethought. “We are not here to copy the model of Old Quebec,” said Mayor Lehouillier, but he sees in Old Levis a complementary offer on a smaller scale for tourists.

About the PPU

– Enhance the Home Improvement Grant Program

– Redevelop the lookouts at the end of Saint-Jean, Guenette, Marie-Rollet and Henry streets

– Develop a lighting program

– Allowing on Saint-Laurent Street, the construction of a hotel with a maximum of 7 floors

– Build a mechanical link for pedestrians and cyclists between the top and bottom of the cliff

– Recycling the old station of the Traverse in tourist stop and exhibition room


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