Mustaine in Quebec City to launch its beer

It was indeed in Quebec City that Dave Mustaine had the idea of ​​associating with Unibroue to launch a beer in the image of his group, Megadeth. The singer and guitarist marked the coup by performing the Quebec launch of his Belgian beer season in the capital Thursday night at the Ninkasi. A few hours earlier, he had spoken of hops, wine and its attachment to the Belle Province with The Sun .

“I never thought that my relationship with Quebec would become so strong over time,” the musician admits at the outset. “I still remember our first visit here. We had never set foot in Europe before, so it was the closest to Europe that we had surrendered! “He said to talk about the European touch of the capital. And it was in 2015, at the Quebec City Summer Festival, that he met Jerry Vietz, master brewer of Unibroue, who sealed the partnership between the metal band and the Quebec subsidiary of the Japanese brewer Sapporo.

“We wanted to throw a beer and other companies refused our offer because they felt they were too small. At first, I did not like it because I thought they were lying and they did not want to know anything about the project, “says Mustaine, who immediately had hooked atoms with Vietz.

“Jerry is a friendly guy and very professional. It’s good to work with someone who is completely dedicated to what he does, just as I dedicate myself entirely to my music, “he continued, who was not in his first steps in the field Of alcohol since it also has a vineyard.

“For this beer, the principle is the same as for my wines: I participate in the creation, because I want something that is close to what I like to drink, what I would serve you if I invited you to dinner To watch football, for example. I want something personal, not like some artists who will put a label on their name on any beer, “he adds.

Mustaine admits having regained a taste for beer and wine after several years of abstinence. “I stopped drinking because everyone in the group was drinking and using drugs. It was not a good period at all, so Dave [Ellefson, bassist] and I stopped consuming and threw out those who did not want to put the brakes on, “he recalls. “Not everyone can start drinking moderately after they have stopped completely. Many must refrain from alcohol for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, I was able to do it. ”

The one who describes himself today as a gourmet of beer is greatly satisfied with the end result of his “beer” brewed by Unibroue. “To the whole world, it is a matter of quality and not of quantity. No joke, this is the best beer I’ve ever tasted! At 4.5% alcohol, it is not a beer to get drunk. I wanted it to be a matter of taste, something hopped. When I serve a meal, I want the guests to think that beer is the best part of the meal! ”


It is a Dave Mustaine smiling and wearing a black toque who made his entry at La Ninkasi around 10 pm Thursday under the screams and applause of the hundreds of people who had obtained a pass for the launch of the beer À Tout the world.

The leader of Megadeth was accompanied by his wife, Pamela Anne Casselberry, and the master-brewer of Unibroue, Jerry Vietz. Very generous, he lent himself to the game of self-portraits and autographs in a compact crowd through which it was almost impossible to make his way.

“Mustaine!” Mustaine! “Shouted the fans almost as loudly as the sound system that spat out the Megadeth plays and the screens that featured the clips of the Californian band.

After signing a few guitars that were to be drawn a little later, he tightened a few hands and even received, from the creator of the label of the new beer, Jeremie Lemarbre, a laminate of the work Which adorns the bottles of liquid blond.

Mustaine had spent the day in Quebec City, meeting 170 representatives of the Sleeman brewery, the Canadian company that bought Unibroue in 2004 before being bought by Japan’s Sapporo two years later at the Chateau Laurier congress.

The people of Sleeman were given a small speech by the voluble singer who was preparing by the time to write these lines to speak to the lucky ones who had managed to get their pass for his passage to La Ninkasi .


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