McDonald’s serves a “McLezard” to an Indian

After the “McMaharaja”, the “McLezard”? The fast food chain McDonald’s conducted the investigation after the release of the picture of a dead lizard in fries served to a customer in India, an embarrassing affair for the catering giant.

A cliche circulating on the social networks and diffused by Indian media showed a small dead reptile among the fries slipped out of the emblematic red and gold cornet.

AFP was not in a position to verify the authenticity of the photo.

The incident occurred on Tuesday when the Calcutta resident Priyanka Moitra went to breakfast in a neighboring McDonald’s.

“It’s disgusting! Oh my God, there’s a lizard in my chips! “Was Ms. Moitra’s reaction, as she told NDTV.

“I talked to sales people in the area, talked to the person in charge, but they swept it away with a negligent attitude,” she added.

She filed a complaint with the authorities on Tuesday evening. The local police temporarily closed the restaurant.

On Friday, McDonald’s India assured that it would take the case seriously and conduct the investigation to determine the circumstances of the incident.

“Having heard of the complaint, we immediately launched an investigation to determine the facts … it is still ongoing,” a spokesman said in a statement.


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