Les Remparts head for the Maritimes

Les Remparts embark on Thursday morning for two games in the Maritimes, which will take them to Moncton on Friday and Cape Breton on Saturday. Despite a grueling month of January, getting away from Quebec could still smile.

The Remparts are more successful on the road (12-8-3) than at home (11-12-1) this season. Even workouts often seem more effective outside of the Videotron Center!

“On Tuesday, we trained at the 3 Glaces [at Vanier] and it was going smoothly, as this morning we had less rhythm. I have a hard time explaining it to me, “said head coach Philippe Boucher on Wednesday after the morning training in the large amphitheater, the last before leaving Quebec.

Boucher highlights the two good performances of his men at the Center Videotron last weekend, backed by a win and a setback. On the ice, however, he insisted on the principle of shooting to score with exercises two against one and two against zero.

“If we do not score two against zero [which happened in a match situation], we will certainly not score when they are going to be five in front of us, be it Moncton or any team!” The boss to his flock lacking the instinct of the striker.

In fact, the first match promises to be the most accessible. Moncton (13-30-2) closes the standings of the QMJHL at the 18 th and last. No victory in their last 12 outings. Cape Breton (27-17-4) is in sixth position, Quebec (23-20-4), 10 th .

On the eve of the penultimate trip of more than one day of his troupe in regular season, Boucher does not want “that it releases. To give ourselves, to dedicate ourselves, to block shots, to do everything for the team, that’s why we have 23 victories. Even if you’re tired, you have to be useful to the team. ”

The junior club coach started Thursday morning to reach Moncton in the late afternoon. The Quebec band sleeps in Antigonish after Friday’s game and everyone gets into the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Except Boucher, who jumps into the plane in the small hours Sunday morning to be preparatory activities to the Game of the best hopes for the draft of the NHL presented Monday at the Center Videotron.

The last time the Remparts stuck two victories, it goes back to December 2 and 3. Since then, they have been 6-11.

Without Ayotte repentant

Boucher will not count on his 20-year-old striker Mathieu Ayotte for both games. Slowed by a shoulder injury, as evidenced by his green vest in training, Ayotte remains in Quebec City.

Must say that he still has to purge the second and final match of his suspension for blow to the head. The author of 12 points in 10 meetings since its acquisition by Quebec became available only Saturday, in Cape Breton.

“I saw my gesture on video and I wonder why I did that,” acknowledged a repentant Ayotte on Wednesday. “I have to accept the consequences, but I am not a player of that style,” assured the man who gets a second suspension only in five campaigns and 224 games in the circuit.

As for the shoulder of the 15th, it does not always react in the same way. A day after the match can prove to be very good and another one more painful. That was the case after Saturday’s victory.

Keeping in mind that next week, the Remparts play three times in four days. Starting with the visit Wednesday of the old team of Ayotte, Victoriaville, which he holds fiercely to face.


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