Lac-Etchemin: new positive balance for home ownership

In the year 2016, some 50 people took advantage of the access to property program for people aged 40 and under, single or in family, initiated by the municipality of Lac-Etchemin. They received financial assistance totaling $ 57,000.

In 2016, 18 applications were submitted to the municipality for funding. These came from four traditional families, three single-parent families, two reconstituted families, four couples and five singles.

A summary analysis of the applicants’ profile revealed that half of them came from outside Lac-Etchemin, the other half being residents of Lac-Etchemin.

Applicants for financial assistance mostly bought existing houses (17), against a new construction.

In 2015, 20 applications were submitted to the municipality. An amount of $ 61,000 had been paid.

Construction and renovation

In addition, according to data from the municipality, $ 8.5 million was invested in construction and renovation on the territory in 2016. This amount, while significant, accounts for almost half of the investments made in 2015, Construction of the Belvédère du Lac seniors’ residence, which required investments of approximately $ 12 million.

Renovations totaling $ 1.7 million at the Lac-Etchemin Health Center and the construction of the new Paquin dental clinic, at a cost of about $ 1.1 million, are the two main commercial projects completed in 2016.

Nearly $ 4.5 million was invested in residential construction and renovation. This is largely due to the creation of 14 new housing units, including 13 new residential structures.

In all sectors combined in 2016, the urban planning department of the municipality issued 355 permits, compared to 350 for the same period the previous year.

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