Karine Gagne arrested in the Bahamas: her mother fears rising

Two weeks to the day after the arrest of her daughter, Karine Gagne, accused of sexual assault on a minor while cruising in the Bahamas, Chantale Auclair still has difficulty understanding what produce.

She obtained the version of her daughter, which agrees with the testimony of the alleged victim, a 15-year-old American. However, it is difficult to explain the adolescent’s presence in a bar reserved for adults, the abusive reaction of the young man’s mother and the inclemency of both the police and the judicial and prison systems of the Bahamas.

“How come he was in a bar and was drinking?” How is it that his mother allowed him to expose himself to women like that? Is that a hit? It’s like it, but we’ll never know, “says Auclair.

The Norwegian Cruise Line questioned about the procedures in place on their boats for the presence of minors in places reserved for 18-year-olds and older, and chose not to comment on the situation. “We do not comment on the files that are being investigated,” said US public relations manager Vanessa Picariello.

The 23-year-old Clotildoise (who now resides in Becancour) has performed well on the ship. On the night of her arrest, she was in the casino section with co-workers. She had fun and danced, then flirted with the American before the two revelers took the way to the bathroom to have sex.

“She asked him how old he was and he replied that he was 18 years old. If he had not been a major, she would not have done so, “says Auclair. She had no real way of knowing that he was a minor, he was tall and had a beard. ”

Karine Gagne was first placed in an unhealthy prison before being transferred to Nassau, in a cell with more appropriate sanitary conditions. Upon her return to the Tribunal, on February 3, she will seek, through her lawyers, a conditional release that would allow her to return to Canada pending further proceedings. Ms. Auclair is confident that this request will be granted.

“The judge seemed very understanding at her last appearance. I think she understands the situation well, “she says. The judge was probably surprised that no member of the Canadian consulate had traveled to attend the appearance and to assist her fellow citizen. “She said it was the first time she saw this,” says Chantale Auclair.

In the course of the day, however, the Department of Foreign Affairs has indicated that the “Canadian government offers consular assistance to a person of Canadian nationality detained in the Bahamas and maintains close contact with his family”, while adding that out of respect for the Right to privacy, he would not make any further comments at this time.

The spouse of Karine Gagne, Raphael Blouin, had many reasons to be worried as a result of the events. Not only is her girlfriend kept prisoner in foreign territory, it is events of a sexual nature that led to her arrest.

“People are asking questions about whether we are always together after what happened, the answer is yes and I will continue to defend it as long as it does not return. Yes, I find it difficult and very disappointing from him, but I can not know the truth as long as it will not be before me and it will be settled between us both, “he wrote on his Facebook page .

The socio-financing campaign to raise $ 25,000 to pay lawyers’ fees is well underway. At the time of writing, $ 3858 was raised.


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