Jean-Michel Anctil: a pro at work

Jean-Michel Anctil presented the first performance of his new show in the city where he grew up on Thursday at the Salle Albert-Rousseau. The humorist had to suspect that he was expected by his audience, since it was his first solo presence on stage since 2009. As much as that? Maybe not.

Because it is a euphemism to say that the fans of Anctil have reserved a nice welcome to him on Thursday. In fact, it was mostly the impression that they were finally getting back with the friend lost sight of for a little while.

Well, okay, we’ve seen a lot of humorists on TV, on various shows or TV shows in recent years … but we must believe that it will never replace communion with the public, this “perfect moment” , Which was the starting point of the evening, and which has become a recurring theme of it.

After more than 20 years of career, Jean-Michel Anctil obviously no longer needs presentation. For this fourth one-man show , the humorist (seconded to texts by Simon Cohen, Pierre-Michel Tremblay, Louis-Philippe Rivard, Sebastien Ouellet, as well as by his brother also Dominic Anctil) Turn “initiated in his previous show, leaving behind the famous characters who made his fame (Priscilla, Maxime, Rake …).

In Je4n-Michel (the 4th is wanted), Anctil (who has reached the “venerable” age of 50 years, and received his FADOQ card …) presents itself as in himself, Talk about the changes (forced or not) that we all undergo in our lives, our qualities, which often become defects as we get older … From its weight, which has always disturbed it (girls, we are not Not alone). Above all, he dwells on the (too) great importance given to the famous “gaze of others.”

Even without a costume or a character, one of the great strengths of Jean-Michel Anctil is that he is so natural a storyteller that he “becomes” characters. Like the lady who takes the trouble to come and tell her (at the grocery store) that he may be fat, with all the junk that he has in his basket …

Meaning of timing

For the rest, he can be happy to be 50, because the undeniable experience of stage that it owns, and which is reflected in so much its delivery, its sense timing , and the rhythm with which it connects its spectacle Intermission), that is acquired only with many hard years of craft in the body.

At the end of the show, surprise, we were still entitled to a short visit of Priscilla (without costume), and Anctil went there of a praise to difference and tolerance, adding his only accessories of the evening: Teeth and Rake hat. The beloved tragi-comic character of the humorist was almost greeted in delirium, and one does not even exaggerate.

Jean-Michel Anctil is still on show Friday and Saturday (full that night), as well as on June 9 and 10, always in the Salle Albert-Rousseau.


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