George Clooney is looking forward to being a dad …

George Clooney will soon be dad of twins and he could not be happier.

In an interview given to Paris Match , the actor still does not come back from this beautiful gift. “It’s crazy, is not it? [He smiles.] If someone told me one day! It’s been three years since Amal was pregnant, but this time, it’s true. We and her do not do anything. ”

He admitted however to be a little anxious. “I think about it 24 hours a day. How can you not be anxious about this immense responsibility? To give birth to a child in this world … And even two! We are very happy, very excited, but also a bit nervous, it’s normal. “Clooney and lawyer Amal Alamuddin have been married since September 2014.

Clooney has long been one of the most coveted singles in Hollywood. After his divorce in 1993, he had even sworn that he would never marry again. But it was before falling under the spell of Amal. “Amal is not only the smartest person I know, but she is sweet and caring and has a lot of humor. […] everything went very quickly between us: in a second, we knew that we were made for each other. ”

… and it keeps Trump to the eye
Democrat convinced, George Clooney finds it difficult to see Trump at the presidency. “I was so disgusted after the election of Trump that I spent a month without watching TV. Now we have to pick up our sleeves and get to work, “he said.

As for Hillary Clinton’s democrats, Clooney believes it is due to inadequate communication. “By hearing Trump repeat that Hillary was a crook, people eventually believed. The Republicans are more direct and better in the debate. To want to spare the goat and the cabbage, Hillary never defended well. ”

How does he see the future of America with Trump at his helm? “This is a real problem: when the President of the United States fails, the world is in danger. But I remain optimistic. We have had great presidents like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy. America has made mistakes and will surely do it again, but it has always been able to repair them! The whole world must wake up. The Democrats must find within two years a brilliant candidate who galvanizes the voters. “” You? “Asks the reporter. “This is not the order of the day,” Clooney replied.

In figures: 8
Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen and football player Tom Brady have just celebrated eight years of marriage. The couple has two children. Brady is a controversial man. By 2015, he had been in the midst of a deflated balloon scandal. He had four suspension games. His penchant for President Trump is also eyeing more than one. Remember that before Gisele, Brady was in couple with the actress Bridget Moynahan, with whom he had a boy. As for Gisele, his relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio is certainly the most famous.

On the Web
Always amusing these segments of late night talk show of Jimmy Fallon in which it recreates a song with instruments used by the children in the school. Who does not remember his exploits in the xylophone or the recorder at the primary? And from the distracted gaze of his parents at the sight of the instruments in question?

The artist invited to play this week was Ed Sheeran. A plastic banana in his hand that served him as maracas, the singer has delivered a really interesting version of his latest hit, Shape of you . In the past, Adele, Mariah Carey, One Direction and Metallica also participated in this segment.

In an interview with BBC radio, Sheeran revealed that this song was first written for Rihanna. Posing for a magazine GQ British March, Ed Sheeran talks about his friendship with the singer Taylor Swift and why he believes that both are successful: their unpopularity at school and the feeling of having some Thing to prove. With their undeniable talent, these two certainly did not finish surprising us. To watch the clip:


Behind the scenes will be releasing next week. Back on March 18th.


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