Flames ravage a farm in Saint-Majorique

A violent fire ravaged an imposing building on Michel Gentesse’s farm located on Saint-Joseph Boulevard in Saint-Majorique, near Drummondville, late Friday night.

The brazier would have originated in one of the cars stored in the large hangar around 8:30 pm. “When the owner left his home, he saw flames emanating from the vehicle through a window. The vehicle had to be released today because it had problems. This can be a bad contact on a battery. Certainly, there is no criminal element, “says Sylvain Lachapelle, Chief of the Fire Department of Saint-Majorique.

The flammable materials in the vicinity would have favored the propagation of the flames, quickly rendering the elements out of control. Recognizing the extent of the fire, Saint-Majorique firefighters appealed to their colleagues in Drummondville and Saint-Germain-de-Grantham.

In total, some forty fire fighters have joined forces to contain the flames. Despite concerted intervention, they were not able to prevent the blaze from completely destroying the hangar and the dozens of cars and snowmobiles that had been stored there. It also damaged a nearby grain elevator.

“We had to go back to the scene of the fire Saturday morning to extinguish small fires that were lit in the silo. It did a bit like a fireplace and the flames got into it, “adds the manager. According to a preliminary assessment, the losses could exceed half a million dollars.

The incident necessitated the closure of Saint-Joseph Boulevard at Saint-Majorique for several hours during the evening of Friday and the night that followed.


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